Monday, October 25, 2010

Eurovision 2010 contest

Hi guys It's been a while a lot of things happened since I was gone and didn't have the time to make any changes on this blog. But anyway just found about the annual Eurovision song contest.

This contest is all about song contest in all of the European countries, with their own song represented by the up-and-coming or well known artist from their countries. I will be making some revies or comments regarding each video so every week there will be one video post.

This is in the winner of this year's song contest performed by Lena from Germany and the title is Satellite...

Satellite? WTF!? it just looks like a crappy German Amy Winehouse/Katy Perry vid. I really don't know what the judges where smoking or drinking this time... No offense to the Germans here, this contest has a tendency to be controversial on their picks for the winner and looks like their voting system would be compared to the Bush-Gore elections of 2000.

There are more vids to follow, and good ones too enjoy !!!!